“My name is Mason Weldon III. I am a submissive.”

Meet Mase. He’s the main character in my novella Finding Master.  I plan to write about Mase’s life in a series of novellas that explain his damaged past, his search for a master and what happens to him when he finds one.

Mase is an unusual sub. In his day to day life, his work, he is a powerful man, wealthy and well connected. He has a strong personality and a strong will. It will take a very special dominant to fulfill all of Mase’s needs.

I invite you along for the journey, my journey as an author, fleshing out a character who refuses to let me go, who dominates the page despite being a submissive. I invite you into my world of gay kink where men wear leather and negotiate things only whispered about in polite society. It is a world of safe words and limits, pleasure and pain. I’ll be your tour guide and Mase will be the vehicle that brings you into this world.

So come along, the ride is just beginning.