Inside Mason’s Head

You’ve met Mason Weldon III, Esquire, attorney at law and submissive.  Now, let’s take a look inside Mason’s head. This is an excerpt from Finding Master.

What did I want? Was it just a master I sought? Or did I want more? For the thousandth time I asked myself if I wanted what Banning and his sub Aaron had. Part of me did. Part of me yearned to be fulfilled that way. But a much larger part of me feared it, feared trying for it and I often felt as if it were something that would forever be out of my reach. I had a difficult time reining in the negatives that rose like specters of my past to stomp all over the tendrils of hope that blossomed in me when the dominant had asked what I wanted.

Finding Master is about the fulfillment of Mason’s dreams and needs. He is not like other submissives. He has secrets, a past, and he is broken. Yet, as you can see above, he still has hope. Unfortunately, sometimes hope is not enough.