Shifting Gears

My beta readers have had me thinking a lot in the last few days which is why I haven’t been on Twitter or blogging here. I had originally planned for this series to be entirely from Mase’s point of view. But I can’t really tell the whole story that way. The reader needs to hear what Ty has to say. This series is about the budding relationship between a Dom and his sub, between two men drawn inexorably together. It’s not just Mase’s story. It’s Ty’s too.  I know I was going to post Ty’s words here as a counterpoint to the novella but I think what I need to do is incorporate Ty’s point of view into the novella and tell the full story there.

The first book Finding Master is about how Mase finds what he’s always wanted. The second book is about how the two men begin to build a relationship together. The third book takes them deeper into that relationship both physically as Dom and sub and emotionally as partners. The fourth book is about crossing boundaries, pushing the envelope, trying the limits of their relationship and adjusting the dream they originally had to include things they never thought possible. And the fifth and last book is about commitment and living the dream they both built.

Only the first book has a title but the other four have working titles. I won’t divulge them. I’m still thinking.