Subbing the Sub

This morning I submitted The Perfect Sub to Decadent Publishing for their 1Night Stand line. Now I wait. I am hopeful but this is a kinky little novella of almost 12K words. It’s gay kink. I think people are into gay kink but what do I know?

If they do not contract The Perfect Sub, I’ll find out why and fix the issues. Then I will look for another home for it. Perhaps Dreamspinner or Riptide. I’ll have to remove the references to Decadent’s character Madame Eve though. I don’t think that will be a problem. My story is first person and focused on the main characters and the misunderstanding between them that has kept them from getting together. Drew’s emotions are first and foremost in this story.

I posted bits of the story over the weekend as I completed it. I hope that the tweets intrigued people. Drew is a naughty submissive who tries to be something he’s not (perfect) in order to win a Dom he’s fallen in love with. But the Dom doesn’t even notice him. Broken hearted after a year of trying to get with the Dom, Drew asks for a 1Night Stand with a Dom who will make him forget the one he pines for. And who shows up? The Dom he’s hot for, of course! Turns out a lot of things are not what they seem. 😉

Wish me luck and maybe you’ll soon be reading The Perfect Sub!